originalcopy. Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation

Titeloriginalcopy. Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation
AutorenKargl Michael und Thalmair Franz
VerlagWalter de Gruyter
Other NumbersISSN 1866-248X
SchlagwörterDigital, Digitalisierung, Kopie, Theorie, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

The practice of copying has become omnipresent yet invisble, both in the digital realm and in the analog world. The arts-based research project originalcopy - Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation subjects the dichotomy of original and copy to a re-evaluation from a post-digital perspective and sheds light on this contradictory phenomenon. The underlying performative research focuses on the tensions between the supposed immateriality of digital technologies and their material manifestations by appropriating contemporary methods of copying and exposing them to artistic processes of transformation and translation. originalcopy is less interested in the results derived from the double act of copying copying strategies, rather the processes and working models that lead to them.


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