Eva Schlegel: Spaces

TitelEva Schlegel: Spaces
AutorenHoffer Andreas, von Samsonow Elisabeth, Steiniger Florian und Schlegel Eva
VerlagRevolver Publishing
Schlagwörterarchitektonische Räume, immaterielle Räume, Wahrnehmung

The exploration of space is one of the central themes of the Austrian artist Eva Schlegel. Her work is all about emptiness and fullness, about mirror reflection and how it changes the perception of real space, and about a photographic take on architectural space. Schlegel often uses blurs as a means of her art, rejecting any simplistic decoding of contents as well as any form of narration. Numerous illustrations of works, an extensive interview with the artist, and an essay by Elisabeth von Samsonow provide an introduction to Eva Schlegels work.00Exhibition: Kunsthalle Krems, Austria (01.07. - 14.10.2018).


KM Schlegel 2018