Novelty Theory

TitelNovelty Theory
AutorenHeinemann Caspar
VerlagThe 87 Press
SchlagwörterAlltag, Gedichte, Live Constantly Escapes, Mystik, Natur, Poesie, Queer

Novelty Theory is the fiery debut collection of poetry by Caspar Heinemann.
"Caspar Heinemann has written an anthem for alien beloveds everywhere, in the time before rising up and where the “pre-nothings” burn up as soon as you touch them. Reading this book burst adhesions in my outlook, which is what I want (always.) A book without an afterwards or a before, Novelty Theory occupies an intense present that does not console its readers. Can poetry be a form of cultural revenge?" – Bhanu Kapil
Caspar Heinemann is a poet, artist, and academia-adjacent independent researcher based in London and Berlin. His research interests include critical mysticism, gay biosemiotics, illegitimate communisms, and professional irreverence. He has previously written on a pantheon including John Wieners, Diane di Prima, Paul Thek, and Derek Jarman. They hold a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London. Novelty Theory is his first book.


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